I received 29 rounds of radiation at Credit Valley Hospital and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing the artwork on display. It really brightened my day. Mostly I drove myself to radiation but if someone came with me (my 8 and 11 year old children or my husband etc) I would always take them on a tour of the art and my favourite pieces in each of the different areas of the hospital. Keep up the great work!


Dr Sarah McIsaac and her colleagues at Health Sciences North in Sudbury offer their heartfelt thanks to the ArtWorks for Cancer team after they installed over 100 works throughout the cancer centre and chemotherapy suites.

Thanks to ArtWorks for Cancer for “their incredible and generous support in helping to make our hospice home so much warmer, with loving art and reflections of our community.”

Belinda Marchese, Executive Director
Hospice Vaughan

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015, I began follow-up visits with my Oncologist at Trillium Queensway site. These appointments are always a source of stress and worry, hoping my most recent test results are good news. At my appointment this past July, as I was walking up the stairs and into the clinic area, I noticed beautiful pieces of artwork that immediately captured my attention. I stopped to admire these works, in particular, the painting with the blue background, trees and rocks, like a small island, which reminded me of being in cottage country. I immediately felt calmer and more relaxed. The effects of a cancer diagnosis are as much psychological as they are physical, and it is truly amazing how much healing power exists in the pieces that you have chosen to display. Thank you for your foundation’s generous donation, and thank you to the artists whose works help to make these cancer clinics warmer and brighter for all of us who must be there.



That was my reaction when I arrived to work on a recent Monday morning to find the cancer center had transformed into a spectacular art gallery!

I was not alone in this feeling. All my colleagues and the patients were thrilled with the beautiful and thought provoking installations.

My appreciation has not faded and every day I am grateful for the donations and the work involved in installing these works of art.

My only regret is that I cannot know the artists who have so generously participated in this fantastic display.

I feel there should be identification plaques at each painting to credit the artists, as is seen in art galleries.

Thank you very much for this wonderful sharing of outstanding art!

Paulette Goulard, R.N.
R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre
Lakeridge Health Oshawa
Oshawa, Ontario

“This is a form of transcendence above whatever they’re experiencing. It’s a real plus for all of us.”

Tamara Horton, Social Worker, Cancer Services
Trillium Health Partners

This is magnificent; it is uplifting and calming; exactly what is needed in oncology (and hospital for that matter). Personally, I think it supports contemplation, meditation, or mindfulness in an otherwise high pressure and emotional environment.

Matthew Cesari, Chief of Pathology
Trillium Health Partners

I wanted to let you know that we had our internal holiday party last night with the cancer centre team and I received so much wonderful feedback! People were talking about it to each other, talking about how they want to highlight it in other hospital newsletters, and even one gentleman was coming back from Mexico on Monday (naturally dreading work a little!) and said that the artwork was so incredible that it totally changed the rest of his week back from vacation!

These staff impact our patients directly – this will definitely have an impact on patient care.

I cannot thank you all enough for your generous contributions over the last 6 month, from concept to design to installing the art yesterday. I have heard nothing but incredible things this morning and I wanted to share that with you. I am so proud of the work we’ve done here as I know you are too – what an impact this will have on patients, families, and all our THP staff!

Jena Roy, Project Manager Patient Experience
Trillium Health Partners

Michael – to be honest, I am a picky art person, and thought I’d be critique-ful, but looking at all the pieces, against the backdrops and paint – it looks VERY sharp and VERY welcoming!

Thank you for your championship on this across our region. Our colleagues at Lakeridge are also embarking on this initiative, and I can see the value of this being implemented much more broadly.

A win-win, for our patients, caregivers, and providers!!

Regional Director
Mississauga Halton Central West Regional Cancer Program

Such an awesome team! And such a wonderful initiative. Thank you all!!

Leslie Starr-Hemburrow, Senior VP
Trillium Health Partners

Truly amazing! Thank you one and all.

Steve Hoscheit, CEO

Incredible and beautiful.

Ron Suter, Executive Vice President
NBC-Universal Canada

It is quite lovely, it brightens up the clinic. Well done.

Dr M Rother, Oncologist
Trillium Health Partners

Wow. What a difference.

Dr D Morra, Chief of Staff
Trillium Health Partners