The Artwork Donation Process

ArtWorks for Cancer accepts donations from individuals, artists, dealers, galleries, estates and corporations. Artworks that meet the donation criteria will be considered for installation in locations and facilities in the province of Ontario, Canada.

We are interested in sculpture, photographs and works on canvas, paper or board, including all mediums; pastel, oil and acrylic, and all sizes.

The preferred subject matter is landscape or still life. We tend to prefer representational works, but pieces in more abstract styles can often work well.

The artworks should be accessible and engaging and offer a sense of hope, joy and healing to cancer patients, their families and their health care providers.

The artworks must have a clear and documented provenance. Donors must complete a Deed of Gift to transfer ownership to AWFC, who will in turn transfer ownership to the receiving hospital.

We prefer framed pieces.

The steps for artwork donation are as follows:

Step #1

Please send us at images and details on the artworks that you are interested in donating. (If the image files are large, please send them to us via Dropbox or a similar large file transfer method to ensure delivery.)

Here are some excellent tips on how to effectively photograph your artworks.

Step #2

Once received, we will forward the images to our selection committee who make a decision on whether or not to accept the artwork based on our past experiences with what the hospitals are interested in displaying.

Step #3

If the artwork is accepted by the selection committee, you must complete a Deed of Gift, then we will arrange with you for safe delivery of the artwork.

If you require a tax receipt, please consider the following:

As a not-for-profit foundation, we require that donors provide a professional appraisal report on the fair market value of the donation. As recommended by the Canada Revenue Agency, the appraisal must meet the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. A Certified or Accredited member of the Canadian Chapter of the International Society of Appraisers ( works to these standards and will be able to assist you. If the cost of the appraisal eliminates the benefit of a tax credit, we would be pleased to accept your donation without issuing a tax receipt.