Health Sciences North / Horizon Santé-Nord

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
In April, 2023, we installed over 100 artworks at Sudbury’s Health Sciences North, throughout the cancer centre and chemotherapy suites. Our team of installers and curators carefully transported the artworks by van from Toronto to Sudbury and completed the installations over a weekend.

Sudbury slide 1

The ArtWorks for Cancer installation team arrives at Health Sciences North, Sudbury

Sudbury slide 2

Beautiful oil on canvas addition to the glass wall in reception to Cancer Centre - Lasalle Cloud Dame II by Christina DeHoff

Sudbury slide 3

Michael Weinberg presents lovely, whimsical work - Winter Wonder 2019 by Viraj Ponkshe

Sudbury slide 4

Inside the ICU for all the staff to see - a large abstract by Christopher Estridge framed under glass entitled Blue No 2

Sudbury slide 5

The ArtWorks for Cancer installation team, along with Anthony Keating and Kimberley McDowell, pose with a striking work by Barbara Caruso

Sudbury slide 6

The ArtWorks for Cancer installation team, along with Anthony Keating and Kimberley McDowell, salute the effort that brought 100 works to Health Sciences North in one weekend!

Sudbury slide 7

The cancer reception and waiting area is brightened by works by Bill Schwarz - Bluescape, Saffrino and Picksol

Sudbury slide 8

Artist and installer Anja Karisik and Anthony Keating, CEO present Karisik's piece The Solo Swim (Peggy's Cove, NS) in the Cancer Centre waiting room

Sudbury slide 9

Sharon Suter of AWFC and Kimberley McDowell of Health Sciences North admire Kalamalka Lake, Looking out from Rattlesnake Point by Gerry Sevier, newly installed in the main hallway

Sudbury slide 10

Newly installed works brighten the Cancer Centre reception area

Sudbury slide 11

The chemotherapy clinic is adorned with photos under glass by Connie Burcheri

Sudbury slide 12

Michael Weinberg, Alan Loch, Don Tannahill and Sharon Suter pause after installing the large, heavy piece Liberte d'un Venee by Renee de Rocher

Sudbury slide 13

Michael Weinberg with an Ivan Eyer replica, hung over the entrance and waiting room to the chemotherapy suites

Sudbury slide 14

Sharon Suter, Foundation CEO Anthony Keating, Sarah McIsaac, Health Sciences North ICU doctor, Michael Weinberg, Bert Amato and Caroline Murphy pause in a hallway with another striking work

Sudbury slide 15

A joyful message of thanks from Health Sciences North to Sharon Suter and the whole ArtWorks for Cancer team

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