• ArtWorks for Cancer (AWFC)

    is a not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to bring works of art to cancer treatment units in hospitals across Ontario, transforming clinical areas into warm, hopeful and healing spaces for patients, their families and health-care providers.

  • Why?

    When patients receive a cancer diagnosis, it is devastating news for them and their families. Patients and their loved ones enter an especially vulnerable period when they undergo treatment. As that critical phase unfolds in the hospital environment, research has shown that the surroundings can have significant impact – detrimental or beneficial – on the patient experience.

    Spaces that are furnished and decorated in a comfortable and soothing fashion are conducive to helping patients and families cope with the often immense pressures associated with disease treatment. ArtWorks for Cancer has studied how exposure in particular to visual arts can bolster spirits, reduce stress and calm anxieties for family members and even contribute positively to patient health outcomes. Studies attest to these positive effects, including these cited by the paintings in hospitals organization in the UK.

    Odette Cancer Centre

    “I can’t believe the difference it has made to the Oncology area. The artwork truly puts a brighter, happier feel than the drab cold walls. I’m sure the paintings add a much needed distraction to the patients who come to our hospital for life saving treatment.”
    – Patients and families visiting hospital

    Hospitals generally do not have funding to curate and decorate their treatment spaces. ArtWorks for Cancer (AWFC) was established by volunteers who care to address this strong but often underserved need.

  • What?

    ArtWorks for Cancer is the bridge between those who have artwork to donate, and those seeking to improve their facilities with beautiful works of art. Please go to the How to Donate page for more information on how to offer artwork to this cause.

    AWFC works closely with hospitals during the selection, design and installation period to ensure mutual cooperation, which is essential to success. AWFC asks organizations to provide liaisons to work with AWFC to identify their needs and design preferences, which spaces will be curated and in what order.


    AWFC team members (left to right): Dr. Jeffrey Mendlesohn, Sharon Suter, Beverly Schaeffer, Alan Loch, Bert Amato, Caroline Murphy and Dr. Michael Weinberg

  • Who?

    All members of the ArtWorks for Cancer team are volunteers. Each of us has been touched by cancer in a very personal way. Like many, we have waited in treatment rooms that have neither instilled hope nor felt psychologically healing. Just as other international organizations have done, we aim to transform clinical areas into warm, hopeful and healing spaces.

    Dr. Michael Weinberg - President, ArtWorks for CancerDr. Michael Weinberg – President
    Bert Amato - Director, Technology Executive, Finance, Operations, ArtWorks for CancerBert Amato – Director, Technology Executive, Finance, Operations
    Alan Loch - Director, Expert in Contemporary and Historical Art, ArtWorks for CancerAlan Loch – Director, Expert in Contemporary and Historical Art
    Sharon Suter - Director, Collections Management, Media Relations, ArtWorks for CancerSharon Suter – Director, Collections Management, Media Relations
    Dr. Sudha Rajagopal - Member at Large, Medical Oncologist, ArtWorks for CancerDr. Sudha Rajagopal – Member at Large, Medical Oncologist
    Roselle Martino - Member at Large, Strategy, ArtWorks for CancerRoselle Martino – Member at Large, Strategy
    Dr. Jeffrey Mendelsohn - Member at Large, ENT Surgeon, Director of Photography, ArtWorks for CancerDr. Jeffrey Mendelsohn – Member at Large, ENT Surgeon, Director of Photography
    Beverly Schaeffer - Member at Large, Historical Art, Liaison Art Community, ArtWorks for CancerBeverly Schaeffer – Director, Historical Art, Liaison Art Community
    Paul Garbett – Member at Large, Artist, Brand Expert, ArtWorks for CancerPaul Garbett – Member at Large, Artist, Brand Expert
    Caroline Murphy - Member at Large, Collections Management, ArtWorks for CancerCaroline Murphy – Director, Collections Management
    Kathryn Minard - Member at Large, Certified Appraiser, ArtWorks for CancerKathryn Minard – Member at Large, Certified Appraiser
    Cliff Harvey - Member at Large, Architect, Planning and DesignCliff Harvey – Member at Large, Architect, Planning and Design
    Philip Gevik - Member at Large, Art expertPhilip Gevik – Member at Large, Art expert
  • How To Donate

    ArtWorks for Cancer accepts donations from artists, dealers, estates, corporations and individuals.

    We accept sculpture, photographs and works on canvas, paper or board, including all mediums; pastel, oil and acrylic, and all sizes.

    The preferred subject matter is landscape or still life. We tend to prefer representational works, but pieces in more abstract styles can often work well.

    The artworks should be accessible and engaging and offer a sense of hope, joy and healing to cancer patients, their families and their health care providers.

    The artworks can be from any country or province and territory in Canada.

    The artworks must have a clear and documented provenance. Donors must complete a Deed of Gift to transfer ownership to AWFC, who will in turn transfer ownership to the receiving hospital.

    We prefer framed pieces.

    If you would like to discuss donating works to AWFC, please contact us at info@artworksforcancer.com.

  • Donors

    ArtWorks for Cancer warmly thanks its donors.

    Individual / Company / Foundation

    Frances Bisante
    Shawna Brooks
    Richard Carbis
    Kevin Cody
    Eli Dadouch
    Brenda Douey
    Estate of Lee Feldman
    Audrey Garwood
    Phillip Gevik, Gevik Gallery
    Loch Gallery
    Joanne Richardson-Haas
    Susan Warner Keene and Peter M Newman, Trustees for the Artistic Estate of Barbara Howard
    Rod O’Handley and Jane Reid and the Estate of Glenn Hunnings
    Lucrezia McCaffrey
    Elan Pratzer
    RBC Royal Bank
    Wanda and Terry Samcoe
    The Vitanova Foundation
    Michael Weinberg
    Dawn Ann Wolski


  • Partners

    ArtWorks for Cancer appreciates the support of its partners.

  • Press


    Non-profit encourages healing by bringing art to cancer wards



    Trillium Health Partners receives donation from ArtWorks for Cancer Foundation


    Tamara Horton
    Social Worker, Cancer Services
    Trillium Health Partners

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    “Art is being used by us as a weapon against the suffering and uncertainty.”

  • Contact

    Please direct all ArtWorks for Cancer inquiries to:

    ArtWorks for Cancer
    247 Queensway West
    Mississauga, L5B 1B9


    We look forward to hearing from you.